THE New Year Group Meeting of Solar energy manufacturer Jeeyee


Renqin spring comes early, and it is the right time to struggle. On February 18, the strong holiday atmosphere of the Spring Festival has not yet faded. All members of Zhongyi Technology are ready to go. With full enthusiasm, high morale, and brand-new style, they will actively participate in the work of the new year. Achieve a "good start", complete the annual goals and tasks, and work tirelessly and never stop!

THE JEEYEE New Year Group Meeting

The new year starts a new journey, and new goals look forward to new accomplishments. On this occasion of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new, Chen Guangyan, Chairman of THE JEEYEE, on behalf of Zhongyi Technology, would like to extend the New Year’s greetings to all Zhongyi people, to the upstream and downstream customers of the same spirit, and to people from all walks of life who care about the growth of Zhongyi Technology Greetings and good wishes.

Speech by Chen Guangyan, Chairman of THE JEEYEE

We have such a group of "non-returning people" who guarantee production for the New Year on the spot, work overtime, endless holidays, keep up with the company's goals, and always insist on not forgetting the original aspiration, striving for excellence, not fearing hardship, and continuing to struggle.

It is also with such a batch of outstanding creators that, under the downward pressure of the world and the Chinese economy, THE JEEYEE can be reborn in the unprecedented "big storms" in the outdoor lighting market. Concepts and new patterns continue to iterate themselves and upgrade against the wind.

 In the new year, THE JEEYEE  will work together to serve customers as a pioneer, a pioneer in the field of innovation and development, and an old scalper with superior quality, stability and reliability!

The awaited lottery draw instantly pushed the atmosphere of the ceremony to a climax. With gazes one after another, they looked at each other. With the announcement of the award, amidst the crowds and congratulations, the lucky ones stepped onto the stage to receive the award.

Open the door, red envelopes again and again

Open the door, red envelopes again and again

Open the door, red envelopes again and again

The prelude to the Year of the Ox has already begun, and a new journey has begun quietly. New opportunities, new challenges, and new developments await us. 2021-2025 is the key to my country's long-term goal of "reaching the level of a moderately developed country by 2035". New energy, Internet of Things, new infrastructure, rural revitalization, urban renewal, smart cities, etc. will become important development directions for the next five years .

In the new year, the development of THE JEEYEE  is still inseparable from the support and help of upstream and downstream partners.THE JEEYEE  must establish a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship with partners and establish the business philosophy of "deep the beach, low the weir". , To create an industrial ecosystem of "interconnection, win-win and sharing", and continue to promote the development and upgrading of the outdoor smart lighting industry.

In the new year, let us join hands to embrace changes, cater to development trends, focus on new energy, focus on smart lighting, continue to create value for customers, through continuous innovation and discovery to meet the existing and potential needs of consumers, and provide society with green technology Products and the ultimate service are constantly striving to meet the people's needs for a better life.

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